Reverb Fest: Pony Time

Nikki Benson / October 10, 2011
Photo by: Nikki Benson

Pony Time was a nice surprise at Reverb Fest 2011. We don’t have much information about them yet, but according to their Facebook profile, “Luke Beetham plays the bass up high and sings. Stacy Peck plays the drums pretty well for a woman.” Oh no they di’int.

What SSG Music can say definitively after seeing them live is that there is a lot more to them then their Facebook bio. Beetham plays the bass guitar and six-string electric guitar. Their two-piece setup is ripe for Beetham’s fancy finger-work and shrill falsetto. They’ve got garage distortion, and Stacy Peck brings the bang to her drum kit. Their sound is very much the ’60s parlor beach-wave counterpart to Seattle two-piece My Goodness‘ style of blues-rock—very loud, very dancy, very fun.

Here are a couple videos from their set.



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