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Reverb Fest: Metal Chocolates

Nikki Benson / October 10, 2011
Photo by: Nikki Benson

With people piling in to Reverb Fest between the hours of 1:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon, many people were faced with the question, “what do I see first?” Lots bustled off to see Kaylee Cole at 2:00pm, but for some who couldn’t make it, the festival started at 4:00pm with Metal Chocolates at the Sunset Tavern.

Metal Chocolates have got swagger in spades. Amongst the DIY rap/hip-hop/trip-hop acts that are doing their thing in Seattle, OC Notes, Rik Rude, Chocolate Chuck, and  Trent Moorman are standing neck-and-shoulders above the rest with their avant-chill approach to hip-hop.

Many who know Rik Rude’s smooth voice from Fresh Espresso have gravitated towards Metal Chocolates. Not only does MC’s style give the appropriate space for Rude’s voice to flourish, OC Notes has a Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) sing-song quality to his raps that make Metal Chocolates the Black Star of Seattle’s music scene. Yes please.

You can catch Metal Chocolates next with Shabazz Palaces at The Triple Door as part of City Arts Fest.

Here’s a video of them performing an SSG Music favorite at Reverb Fest, “Afro Egypt.”


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