Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend: Sunday, Sept. 4th – Car Show and Closing Cocktail Party with the Hellbound Hepcats at Jardin Tiki

Luca Fantigrossi / September 13, 2011
All Photographs by Catherine Rizzetto

The Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend came to a close on Sunday with an all day event at Jardin Tiki. Starting at noon there was a pre-66 vintage car and hot rod show in the parking lot. From beautifully big finned classics to customized chrome monsters, it was quite a sight to see. There was also music and dancing right there in the parking lot, until the evening rain came and forced people inside, just in time for happy hour.

Fortunately, Jardin Tiki has a wonderful ambiance, with its turtle pond and bridge at the entrance, its large tiki totems, its palm trees, its high backed rattan chairs, and joyously colourful lamps and lanterns lining the ceiling. Google image search Jardin Tiki Montreal for some great photographic evidence. Also very appealing are their cocktails. You can get a Bolo (served in a whole carved out pineapple), an Aku (served in a coconut), or a number of other fancy cocktail drinks served in tiki glasses with paper umbrellas. The moment you step inside those doors with the beautiful brass tiki handles, it’s like being on a Polynesian vacation. If you’re feeling hungry, they also have an all you can eat buffet. So what better place to have the Red Hot & Blue closing party, right? Escaping the rain, there was a line-up awaiting the backroom dinning and dancing area, where the Hellbound Hepcats would be the evening’s entertainment.

Despite being wet from rain and having to contend with heavy air-conditioning, once the Hellbound Hepcats hit the stage, the whole room warmed up. This little hot trio was revved up and ready to go. Front man Alex Brown has a great voice and really belts it out. He also rocks his guitar like a seasoned veteran. Stand-up bass player Jordan Peddie slaps his bass so fiercely you would think he has the strength of two men. And the three-piece is rounded out by standing drummer Sylvain Lemire who brings that extra big beat. The dance floor really got shaking. The Hepcats played two full sets of non-stop rocking rockabilly and really closed the weekend off on a great note. Check out our preview coverage for (more) video footage of the Hellbound Hepcats. Thanks to Nathalie Lavergne and all the Red Hot & Blue crew for a truly memorable weekend.

Video courtesy of Nadia Nespeca

All photgraphs courtesy of Catherine Rizzetto




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