Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend: Friday, Sept. 2nd – Rockabilly Legend Huelyn Duvall and Guests

Luca Fantigrossi / September 8, 2011
All photographs by Catherine Rizzetto

Night two of Red Hot and Blue started out with The Shakedown Combo, a great act based out of Nova Scotia. The double bassist especially stood out because the band had no drummer, so a majority of the percussion came from this talented woman’s popping and slapping on the bass. The lead singer sang her heart out and also whacked on a handheld drum from time to time, and the guitarist strummed and wailed on the guitar.

Sit & Die Co.  were up next, and kind of had a barbershop trio thing going on. They were a lot tamer than most of the other acts at the festival, and leaned more to the hillbilly aspect of rockabilly than the rock, but it was good to change things up a little. They also had quite the humorous stage banter between songs.

Then with anticipation in the air, rockabilly legend Huelyn Duvall came on up backed by Montreal’s own Howlin’ Hound Dogs. Huelyn rocked that stage and dance floor with over 50 years’ experience. The backing band was great too, with a big, full sound. They had three guitars (counting Huelyn), a big old piano, stand-up bass and drums. Pianist Israel Proulx really rocked that piano as did all the members of the band on their respective instruments. They played all kinds of hits.

For most people those three acts would have been sufficient entertainment for one night’s worth, but Bloodshot Bill & The Handcuffs were there to close out the night, and what more perfect way to go out than with the wildest rockabilly man and band around today? To see just how much so, check out some footage over on our preview coverage.

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