Recap: Austin Psych Fest 2012 – Day 2

Stephanie Spirovski / May 14, 2012

After a day of sun soaking and swimming in Austin’s Green Belt we were refreshed and ready for day 2 of Psych Fest, an evening full of reverb and distortion.


We made it into the fest just in time to catch the glittery duo of Brooklyn’s Prince Rama. Sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson ignited the crowd with their ecstatic and virtually interactive performance. After a few bewitching songs filled with synthy keyboards, tribal drumming, and layered vocals, the girls jumped off the stage and into the crowd to dance as they sang about love. These provocateurs of “The Now Age” were the perfect start to Saturday’s madness at Austin Psych Fest. -Samantha

Courtesy of Ethan Lovell

Next on the list and a highlight of my weekend was Pink Mountaintops, which consists of front man Stephen McBean and an array of rotating musicians.  The visuals through out the set consisted mostly of pink and blue colors giving an effect of looking through a filmstrip and Mcbean’s slithering vocals in “Slave” entranced the room in the most rhythmic of ways. Christian Bland of the Black Angels added to the experience by coming up on stage and playing guitar with the group. Pink Mountaintops is currently on tour with Dead Meadow so this is a great time to catch them live if you haven’t done so yet.              -Stephanie

Courtesy of Stephanie Spirovski

New York’s Woods completely blew my expectations out of the water during their live show. Everything I had heard before from them had a lighter, folk garage-jam sound, which was apparent in their first three songs. Anyhow, after some pedal adjustments they dropped into a 60’s time warp, with bursting guitar solos amidst Jeremy Earl’s distinctively androgynous warble. -Samantha

Courtesy of Ethan Lovell

I wasn’t sure what to expect of The Telescopes, who left me quivering in awe by the end of their performance. The British based band’s set  slowly built up into a warped noise frenzy, reverb in full effect. Lead singer, Stephen Lawrie spent half the show rolling on the floor and thrusting his body about the stage in the most manic of ways. The Telescopes lively presence and heavy guitar sound gave for one of the most entertaining experiences of Psych Fest.              -Stephanie

The lovely sounds of highly anticipated Olivia Tremor Control, members from the Elephant 6 collective, dazzled the crowd with their eclectic sound. Trumpets and violins adorned the heavy pounds of the drums as the ensemble rocked through their set. Check out the video below to feel the atmosphere of Olivia Tremor Control. -Samantha

The most raucous of boys, The Black Lips ended day 2 of Psych Fest making sure to keep the party going.  Ladies danced upon the stage while silver streamers bedazzled the background and beer cans flung above and into the crowd. “Katrina” filled the room with surf inspired vibes and pumped up the mosh pit so much that I saw people leaving with bloody lips and broken toes. If there’s one thing these boys do best it’s have fun while playing their southern rooted garage rock sounds. -Stephanie

Courtesy of Stephanie Spirovski

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