Rabbits, Cull Get Really Heavy at Bunk Bar

Matt Young / August 9, 2011

Rabbits, Cull @ Bunk Bar | 08/09 | FREE | 10 | 21+

Photo: Dan O Neal

Bunk Bar goes sludge-core with riff-crushing Portland noise trio Rabbits demonstrating why their album Lower Forms is essential play list material for any fan of murky metal-punk guitars, cacophonous noise and just kicking things deep down and guttural. Rabbits f***ing rock on their own terms.

On record the music wades through the dirt-rock mire, thick with doom and threat while the thunderous, sawing guitar riffs of Seth Montfort and Josh Hughes accompany the raw wired vocals and pummelling drum beats from Kevin Garrison rain down and hypnotically splatter throughout. Live, this is replicated to the point where they grind out a set of woozy, visceral songs that take no prisoners sonically, like you’ve gone 12 rounds, taking blow after blow and yet your ears still love it.

Aiding and abetting the smash and grab raid on your senses are more PDX natives, Cull, who’s mix of melody and noise may at first lull you into to a false sense of security but before long their thunderous, epic sounding tunes leave you in no doubt as to how heavy this group rock. Cull are almost primal in intensity.

Let’s face it, if you love your rock heavy, furious and your vocals bellowed and/or screamed, there are few bands who do it better than Rabbits and Cull.

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