Q13 Fox: Capitol Hill Block Party Picks (WIN VIP PASSES!)

SSG Music / May 30, 2012

Capitol Hill Block Party is right around the corner and we have some artist picks from SSG Music Editor-in-Chief Nikki Benson, as well as an interview with Melissa Daniels and CHBP Producer Jason Lajeunesse, instructions on how to enter to win a pair of 3-day VIP passes to the fest and a DISCOUNT CODE if you’d like to get your 3-day pass today.

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Diplo, aka Wesley Pentz, garnered a lot of national attention as one of the producers behind Major Lazer (who are also headlining the festival). The song “Pon De Floor” shows off Diplo’s signature minimalism while pounding out that heavy hitting, addictive dance quality. Diplo has blown up in the past two years as the producer to watch, working with Usher on “Climax”, producing Snoop Doggs next record and producing his own radio show on the BBC.

Keyboard Kid is a Seattle area DJ/Producer who has made a lot of music for the notorious Lil B (The Based God). “Based” music is a newer genre that is more about a phylosphical conversation of honesty and positivity. I’m still not quite sure what it all means, but Keyboard Kid produces music that is at the forefront of the genre. He’s garnering a lot of national attention and he looks to have a bright career in the works. Check him out while he’s still underground.

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Grimes is a female producer who’s made herself a character to watch by being herself. She’s very humble and honest in her interviews. She’s in the running for the most popular artist in online media, and it’s nice that she didn’t get there by some gimmick. Musically, she does a lot of looping and wrote her most recent release with the hopes of getting people on the dance floor. She makes creative beats that are very easy for listeners to wrap their head around and join the party.
El Ten Eleven is my favorite instrumental dance-pop band to watch. They’re the masters of loops. The frontman plays a bass and a double-necked bass/guitar combo; it’s stunning the intricate things they can do with so little. They usually play small rooms when they come to Seattle, but they’re slowly getting bigger and bigger. Add them to your calendar for sure.

Father John Misty is in an interesting character indeed. Frontman J. Tillman played percussion and added some backup vocals in the world renowned Fleet Foxes. When Fleet Foxes contract ended with Sub Pop he broke off and signed with Sub Pop for his own band. Father John Misty holds the same epic j’ne sais quoi as Fleet Foxes, informed with some country sensibilities. I’m curious to see what he’s like live. His dance moves seem to overdue it, but I’ve heard great things about his live show.

Lemolo is a dream-pop duo from Seattle, Washington. There is a sweetness and innocence to their music that the listener can’t help but fall in love with. The frontwoman plays keys and electric guitar, she’s supported by drums and some backup synth keys. They’re definitely worth checking out.


We had a chance to ask the Producer and Curator of the festival, Jason Lajeunesse what he’s most excited to see this year as well as pick his brain on a few changes he’s making to the festival this year. Check out the interview:

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Capitol Hill Block Party tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here and at Moe BarTo get $10 off your 3-day pass, use the discount code “SSGMUSICROCKS” at checkout through 10am on June 5, 2012.

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