Puget Roundup – September

Nolan Parker / September 5, 2019

Howdy Seattle! This here’s a slick new Seattle-area gig guide to help you hip, young gun-slingers figure out what’s what out here in the Wild West. Every month we’ll send out this smoke signal to let y’all know who’s playing where around Seattle and where you can catch yours truly, DJ Dick’s Deluxe.

Sunn O)))
September 11th
The Showbox

‘Life Metal’, Sunn’s most recent full-length, can only be taken to be the antithesis of “death metal”; if not in style then in purpose. This is metal that pulls you from the slums of depression and anxiety, breathing hope into your blackened lungs. Formed in Seattle in the late 90s, Sunn has invented, defined, destroyed, and reinvented how the world understands and consumes noise and metal. Expect a bunch of dudes wearing druid robes they got at souks in Marrakech rippin’ doobs at this one.

The Misfits
September 14th
White River Amphitheater

Remember when Danzig was busted wearing his own t-shirt while buying kitty litter? That was pretty funny. Now The Misfits are back and older than ever! Danzig’ll be there, Jerry Only’ll be there, your burn out uncle that still has a psycho-billy band in Spokane’ll be there. The people-watching alone is worth the trek and ticket price. The Damned and one of the two Cro-Mags will open, so that’s pretty tuff.

Brian Wilson & The Zombies
September 16th
Paramount Theatre

If you’re not familiar with Brian Wilson and his contribution to popular music, you’ve never felt the warmth of the sun. You’ve actually just been living a half-life and might want to rethink your career path at Amazon. But in all seriousness, Wilson is a genius. He was the mastermind behind the Beach Boys. Those short shorts? That instrumentation? THOSE HARMONIES? All Wilson. Also cool: The Zombies. Put “The Way I Feel Inside” on a mixtape for your crush and you’ll be deleting Tinder in no time.

Love Potion No. 69 with DJ Dick’s Deluxe
September 17th
Bait Shop

A bit of self-promotion *almost* never hurt anyone. I’m debuting a new DJ night at Bait Shop and it’s gonna get weird. Booze? Yup. The Cramps? Sure thing. Murder City Devils? 100%. Butt stuff? Probably. Strictly spinning music to 69 to.

FFO a good time

The Fall of Troy
September 21st
El Corazón

If you grew up in the PNW during the mid-00s and listened to hardcore/post-hardcore, you know exactly who The Fall of Troy are. Hailing from Mukilteo, these three lads delivered the razors that us kids needed to cut free from the shackles that were the lineup at Warped Tour 2005. P.S. Pretty sure a Fall of Troy song was featured on Guitar Hero III.

FFO The Blood Brothers, Schoolyard Heroes, At The Drive-In

John Prine
September 22nd
Woodland Park Zoo

John Prine has been around the block. In fact, he built the block. A respected voice inside and out of country music, the man has worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, Tammy Wynette, and Lucinda Williams. Yeehaw! With his honest voice, hilarious wit, and that hard-to-describe twinkle in his eye, Prine will have you puttin’ ketchup on your scrambled eggs before the end of the show.

Cornelius performs ‘Point’
September 30th
The Crocodile

Ever floated around on a cloud the texture of introspection bound for Japan? No? Then you need to check out Cornelius. The moods this Japanese instrumentalist evokes on his meteoric album from 2001, ‘Point’, are subtle at first listen but once you sit with the album, let it envelop you, you realize what you’ve been missing all this time. P.S. Cornelius and I share a birthday and you know Aquarians are wack-a-doos.

FFO The Fiery Furnaces, YMO, anything on Ghost Box Records

Fun fact: the Washington State Fair has some wacky-crazy acts coming through this year and I thought you might like to know about it. September includes, but is not limited to, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, Ciara, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and Hall & Oates. Yowza!

If there’s something missing or something you’d like to see on here in the coming months, feel free to drop us a line, partner.

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