Puget Roundup – November 2019

Nolan Parker / November 1, 2019

Don’t cry little ones, the sun will be back… in nine months. November is that last month where bands are still touring until spring, so save your tears for next month.

<a href=”http://ratqueen.bandcamp.com/album/worthless”>Worthless by Rat Queen</a>

Den Tapes Halloween Bash with Uncleholic, Rat Queen, Artem/s

November 2nd, 2019 | The Sunset Tavern

Den Tapes, having just celebrated their fourth birthday, are back on it in November with a string of shows comprised of local bands that prove Seattle’s music underground is still alive and well. Highly, HIGHLY recommended is Rat Queen. Lofi, sassy, and sulky, RQ are the soundtrack for a perfect Seattle autumn. Remember: “It’s Not The Worst”!

FFO La Luz, Last Picks, Soccer Mommy

Subhumans, Neighborhood Brats, Bad Breeding, Coffin Break
November 3rd, 2019 | El Corazon

You’ve seen the back patches, now experience the hype! The UK outfit has been around since the early 80’s and is responsible for popularizing anarco + hardcore punk inside and out of Great Britain. Shouting the typical anti-establishment, anti-religion anthems, this is sure to be a smelly-good time. SEE YOU IN THE PIT!

FFO Crass, The Germs, Moral Crux

FKA twigs
November 4th, 2019 | The Moore Theatre

Truly a freak holding her own leash, FKA twigs has been building her throne of subtle experimental beats, sexual tensions, and performance since 2012 and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to knock her off anytime soon. It’s guaranteed that her album out November 8th, Magdaline, is going to be on a lot of year-end lists. The Moore is the perfect backdrop for the monumental softness that twigs will emote.

FFO Arca, ANOHNI, serpentwithfeet

Mono, Mamiffer, Bell Witch
November 4th, 2019 | The Crocodile

Vast celestial expanses, undulating in soft chaos, not seeming to have a pattern or direction, imperceptibly come to a beautifully emotional climax. This is a likely trajectory that each of these three bands will take over the course of their respective performances. A glacial build that slowly adds elements and textures along the way. Subtly heavy and overwhelmingly present.

FFO Earth, Grouper, Mount Eerie

Chick Corea
November 6th, 2019 | Benaroya Hall

Releasing music since the mid-60’s, Chick Corea is a living Jazz Giant and one of the most important piano voices to emerge in the second half of the 20th century. He has collaborated with everyone under the modern jazz sun, including Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Chaka Khan – making this an absolute treat for him to be playing Seattle’s Benaroya Hall.

FFO Blue Note Records, Thelonious Monk, Art Tatum

Seefeel, Dr. Troy
November 8th, 2019 | Neumos

Seefeel is one of those bands that sonically rubbed shoulders with My Bloody Valentine and the rest of the original shoegaze set but never garnered much attention outside the UK underground. On their 1993 opus, Quique, Seefeel take MBV’s wall-of-sound and polish it with production velvet and actual sunshine. This is photosynthesis, kids. Seefeel took an extended break but have since enlisted Shigeru Ishihara, aka DJ Scotch Egg, and former Boredoms drummer, Iida Kazuhisa for new recordings and live performances.

FFO Stereolab, Autechre, early 4AD

In the Key of Grey by MATT DORRIEN

Vetiver, Matt Dorien
November 12th, 2019 | Tractor Tavern

Formerly known as Snowblind Traveller, Matt Dorian has quietly been carving out a niche for himself with his saloon piano and specific flavor of melancholic happy. A storyteller of Nilsson enormity, Dorian isn’t one to shy away from a painful past, nor is he one to sully a hopeful future. The Tractor and Vetiver form a delightful frame and backdrop for Dorian’s whiskey-soaked picture.

FFO Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Songs: Ohia, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground

Freakout Fest 2019
November 14th – 17th, 2019 | Various locations around Ballard

Pulling together a massive group of acts from the local, national, and international psych circuit, Seattle’s Freakout Fest triumphantly returns for its seventh year! Highlights this time ‘round include Crocodiles, Death Valley Girls, Razor Clam, The Shivas, and Soft Kill. Also worth it because you get to check out the Salmon Bay Eagles Club…

FFO Material Girls, PILL, Nobunny

Todd Rundgren
November 15th – 16th, 2019 | Skagit Casino Resort

The once insanely experimental songwriter and performer is now relegated to a casino tour. But who cares? Seeing Todd Rundgren in any setting is going to be something to write home about. Since his debut, Runt, in 1970, Rundgren has been pushing the glam and pop envelopes, often pulling influences from all over the musical map. A good starting point: A Wizard / A True Star.

FFO Big Star, David Bowie, T. Rex

Liturgy, Kihalas, The Convictions
November 20th, 2019 | The Highline

Liturgy wrote the book on transcendental black metal. No literally. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, the band’s creative nucleus, wrote a manifesto on the topic. The essay tackles the toxic nihilism of Liturgy’s black metal predecessors and how the genera might move forward, leaving the toxicity behind. Don’t get Hunt-Hendrix wrong, Liturgy still hit hard, it’s the philosophy behind why they’re hitting hard that they want to explore. Expect nothing but blast-beats and ecstasy.

FFO Wolves In The Throne Room, Swans, the body

Kikagaku Moyo, Minami Deutsch
November 29th, 2019 | The Crocodile

Not sure if the phrase “big in Japan” applies here but both Kikagaku Moyo and Minami Deutsch sure as hell should be big in Seattle. Both of these Japanese outfits are heavily inspired by the acid-soaked long-hairs of the 60’s with Minami Deutsch, as you might guess, taking a bit more note from the krauts in the 70’s. This one ain’t for you L7s out there.

FFO Föllakzoid, Goat, NEU!

Daughters, Lingua Ignota
November 30th, 2019 | Neumos

Unlike some of their noise/post-hardcore contemporaries of the early 2000’s, Daughters have consistently grown and matured as musicians. The juxtaposition between their first effort in 2003 with Canada Songs to their expansive You Won’t Get What You Want from last year is staggering. Joining Daughters is the classically trained Kristen Hayter, aka Lingua Ignota. Building devastating soundscapes for her vocals to descend from, Hayter isn’t here for your pleasure, she’s here to destroy toxic masculinity.

FFO Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, Pharmakon

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