Preview: Sonny Bonoho (Win Tickets!!!)

Chul Gugich / April 9, 2010

Sonny Bonoho Phonephreak Album Release Party @ Nectar Lounge | 4/10 | 9:00 pm | 21+ | $10

While many local emcees are doing their best to keep pace with their peers in the Seattle hip-hop fast lane, Sonny Bonoho is an artist who continues to maintain with a yeoman’s effort. Steady is the man who wins the race, and this dude may be one who understands and is comfortable with that maxim.

Still, if you’re an artist who has any interest in maintaining relevance in the rap game, you’ve got to be at least a steady blip on heads’ radars. Contemporary hip-hop fans are notorious for having short attention spans and much of the music in the sphere today only serves to indulge the ADHD of those folks.

Sonny Bonoho seems more interested in making music that persists. On April 10 at Nectar Lounge, he celebrates the release of his sophomore full-length, Phonephreak, an album that’s rooted in the emcee’s own unwavering positivity. Similar to D. Black’s outstanding Ali’yah, Phonephreak is essentially a hip-hop gospel record, an exercise in uplifting one’s community and striving to grow and better yourself through that principle.

A fixture in the local rap community, Sonny will have plenty of help from his friends. JFK (one emcee half of Town stalwart, Grayskul) is set to rock with his creative kin, as are R&B songstress Tiffany Wilson, S-n-O, and DJ Bamboo. At a time when the local hip-hop movement’s long-term sustainability may be approaching its defining moment, Sonny Bonoho is an artist comfortably rooted in the long haul.

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