Preview: Say What! feat. Truckasaurus (Win Tickets!!!!)

Billy McManus / April 12, 2010

Truckasaurus @ Chop Suey | 04/15  | 9 pm | $7 Before 10

Out for Stardom and Shamless Hijinks are two of the best party producers in Seattle and they throw a big one once a month at Chop Suey called Say What!.  If you know about groups like Mad Rad or Fresh Espresso, then you know what kind of party we are talking about.  This month the head lining act is none other than Truckasaurus.  If you are not familiar with this group, you really just need to hear them.  Their music spans many genres. Consequently, it’s really good yet hard to pin down.  They cross the yard between, hip hop beats, techno danciness, and 8-bit, blending together those old school Nintendo sounds with synths and drum machines to create a sound that is neither here nor there. Meaning it’s not your standard, sparse 8-bit sound, or your basic dance club set.  They bring all of these genre together into something that is definitely more than the sum of it’s parts.  Really cool stuff.

Another cool thing about this show is that it is an all ages show, bar w/ ID.  Seattle is really short on all ages stuff, and it’s super cool that these guys kept the youngsters in mind when setting up the night.  Also on tap will be DJs Recess, Darwin, Blondzie, and the whole night Is hosted by Buffalo Madonna. It will be more fun than anyone expecting to go out on Friday or Saturday should ever have on a Thursday, but you know you’re gonna be there anyways!

For your chance to a pair win tickets tot his event, please e-mail with the phrase “I SAY WHAAAAA!” in the subject line. Please include your name in the body. The contest winner will be selected by 3pm on the day of the show.

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