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Pickathon 2014 will be the best music festival in Oregon.

Marii Takahashi / July 17, 2014
Pickathon. Unofficial poster made and photographed by Marii Takahashi.
Pickathon. Unofficial poster made and photographed by Marii Takahashi.

Pickathon is an experience every music enthusiast should reward themselves to as a performer and as an audience. The lineup is awesome, the crowd is friendly and the atmosphere embraces everything with grace. It is the most inspiring weekend that will leave an impression in so many ways beyond music.

Pacific Northwesterners evolve and obsess a little every summer. The sun is an aphrodisiac that pops out various micro to mega size festivals everywhere. The people are buzzing with anticipation. It is a frenzy. Pickathon is a gem that shines the brightest and resonate longer than any other festivals. It highlights the best of the pacific northwest culture. If the kids are asking for camping but you are not a camper, this might be the easiest camping trip. They get to sleep in the tent and everyone gets to enjoy the music while spending quality time. Life will be perfect during 8/1/2014 – 8/3/2014. Get your tickets now.

Pickathon. Photo courtesy Pickathon Facebook.
Pickathon. Photo courtesy Pickathon Facebook.

The entire weekend is crafted with awareness for the well-being of every participant and the local environment. If you are worried about feeling the effects of over-indulging in a weekend full of junk food or deprivation of beauty sleep, that is a non-issue. Concerned about your carbon footprint? Rest assured, all of these things have been considered. Vegetarian and organic food vendors will be there for healthy options. Morning yoga sessions are on the schedule to maintain balance. There are designated quiet camping zones for those who enjoy a nice slumber and family camping zones to accommodate kids. Sustainable practices are implemented by refraining from single-use products. This is a notable accomplishment for both the organizers and the food vendors.

Here is the schedule to plan your weekend.
Pickathon 2014 schedule

If you struggle making decisions, assign the stages 1 through 6, exclude the Starlight stage. Roll a dice and let chance lead the way.

Love As Laughter kick off the festival and the day wraps up at 2AM with the choice of Diarrhea Planet or Ages and Ages. A lot can happen on Day 1 just short of 14 hours. If you opt to sticking to true festival origins with acoustic, folk and jug bands, check out Robbie Fulks, Shakey Graves, or The Crow Quill Night Owls. The rays start to be bothersome? Visit Lonnie Holley, who is the first to take the Woods Stage. Don’t forget to fuel, hydrate and replenish your sunblock. The Cafe Stage is expected to be the most intimate. It will be the perfect setting to enjoy Old Buck, Houndstooth, and EDJ. Ease into the evening with Gregory Alan Isakov or Ural Thomas & The Pain. Squeeze in an early dinner to catch Jolie Holland, and The Donkeys then fade out with Foxygen.

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