Preview: The Crystal Method

Timothy Grisham / September 30, 2014
Photo Courtesy of: The Crystal Method

Are you still a bit hung over from last week’s Decibel Fest, but looking to extend your EMD trip into the next week? Then look no further than Friday’s The Crystal Method concert at the Showbox.

Long before Diplo was a blip on the radar, or Skrillex made his first glitch beat, the legendary platinum-selling duo of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan were paving a path to take electronic dance music out of the the clubs and into stadiums across the world. Now they are coming through in support of their self-titled, fifth full-length studio album as they mark their 20th Anniversary. If you are tall interested in EDM or electronic music this is your opportunity to witness a living history book of the last 20 years of the genre in one place.

Sometimes considered the US answer to the Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method came to prominence during a time when electronic dance music of the likes of Prodigy, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim were dominating the charts, however they have proven that the key to longevity is continued evolution of their live show.

The Friday concert is the first stop in a short four date tour of the US; and you can expect an action packed set that will feature an amazing assortment of lighting and flame effects to keep you on your toes as your feet keep dancing to the pulsing beat.

The show will feature opening acts Caked Up, Bot Nek and Darrius.

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