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Pickathon 2013: Pure Bathing Culture

Colette Pomerleau / August 23, 2013

Pure Bathing Culture emerged from two talented musicians who have been collaborating for years. Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille, both former members of Vetiver, now create luminous love songs.
The performance on the main stage at Pickathon emanated a relaxed atmosphere, showcasing their dream pop at its best. Laying in the grass and gazing up to watch was very appropriate. Snuggling up next to a loved one was ideal. Everyone wholeheartedly drowned in the sounds.
Versprille’s voice proved to sound much better in a live setting, incredibly soothing and never straying from the appropriate tune. Certain notes were drawn out, revitalizing each song to make it seem brand new. Her vocals come effortlessly, making it easy to assume that this is what she was born to do.
“Ivory Coast” is a mandatory addition to romantic playlists, offering the loveliest lyrics and sweetest guitar melodies. The playful and upbeat introduction for “Lucky One” unveils one of the most likable songs from their EP. An unexpected Fleetwood Mac cover excited many watching, and their delicate interpretation freshened up an old favorite.
Do yourself a favor and see this band live when you get the chance. Whether it be in an outdoor music festival or an intimate venue, the outcome will at least yield satisfaction.

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