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Drew Bandy / January 30, 2015
us lights

The first time I heard Us Lights, I was in my kitchen cooking dinner. I just wanted to hear a few seconds to see what they sounded like. But, just 49 seconds into the opening track of Us Lights’ self-titled EP, I was moving. Then, at the 1:38 mark, I was compelled to plug into speakers and crank up the volume. The music was unstoppable, and I ended up listening through the entire record, start-to-finish.
Such foot-forward accessibility can only come from practice. The Portland five-piece have participated in various projects within the local music scene since the golden age of Myspace, and now have a wealth of experience to draw upon. Coming together as Us Lights, they have achieved a balanced sound that is at once familiar and fresh, somber and danceable.
Fresh off a European tour, Us Lights have maintained a tenacious momentum, playing shows around the Northwest almost weekly at times, displaying an eagerness to get back on the road. At this rate, Us Lights are in a position to become DIY-role models, if not local legends, and I look forward to seeing them fill larger venues. In the mean time, you can catch them around the Northwest, like I did a while back at Mississippi Studios. Be sure to check out their EP and newly-premiered music video below:

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