Photo Set: Dwarves, Zeke, The Banditos, The Insurgence, and All Bets on Death at El Corazon

Daniel Ahrendt / November 3, 2011

Paul Cafaro aka Blag Dahlia aka Julius Seizure of the Dwarves (All Photos by Daniel Ahrendt)

On Saturday, the hardcore punk sex icons of death known as the Dwarves used their super sexy punk power on a crowd of goons at El Corazon. This is the Chicago band’s 25th Anniversary tour, marking an epic quarter century incorporating fifteen albums, plenty of world tours, over twenty different members, and luchador masks. In their early years as a band, the Dwarves became infamous for hard drugs, on-stage sex, and fifteen minutes sets. I guess it’s hard to keep a show going when your audience moshes hard enough to inflict self injury on a regular basis. The tour also marks the release of their first proper album since 2004’s The Dwarves Must Die, which is aptly named The Dwarves Are Born Again. The new album features appearances by “every Dwarf ever” whose names range from The Fresh Prince of Darkness to the infamous unclothed guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed. Who all was present on Saturday isn’t completely clear to a young child such as myself, but the five Dwarves present with lead singer Blag The Ripper aka Paul Cafaro at their head churned up a beer soaked riot.


Supporting Dwarves were several hardcore punk bands such as Seattle’s own heavy punk basher kings Zeke, Stooges lovers The Banditos, circle pitting goons The Insurgence, and All Bets on Death. Check out pictures and a few videos below.



The Banditos

The Insurgence

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