Photo Set: Deafheaven, Usnea, and Lesbian at Chop Suey

Daniel Ahrendt / December 9, 2014
Deafheaven at Chop Suey (Photo by Daniel Ahrendt)

Deafheaven at Chop Suey (Photo by Daniel Ahrendt)George Clarke of Deafheaven (All Photos by Daniel Ahrendt)

 Musical philanthropists and caffiene merchants Redbull sponsored another instance of Redbull Sound Select last Wednesday, featuring everyone’s favorite black metal/post-rock mash-up Deafheaven. Openers included Portland black sludgists Usnea and local doom shredders Lesbian. Tying the whole event together were free Deafheaven shirts at the door, Redbull drink specials, some Instagram headphone giveaway, and the longest line I’ve seen outside of Chop Suey in ages. Check out the photos below.

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