Photo Set: Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman at The Moore

Daniel Ahrendt / November 11, 2011

Amanda Palmer shoves birthday cake into Neil Gaiman’s mouth (All Photos by Daniel Ahrendt)

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman comprise one of the most overwhelming power couples in the alternative pop culture world. While Gaiman is known for his immensely popular work in literature and graphic novels (including American Gods and Sandman), Amanda Palmer is adored as the vocalist and pianist of The Dresden Dolls and from numerous other projects. On Wednesday night they performed at The Moore, the last night of a short West Coast tour featuring their ecstatic creative talents in music and literary work. The audience was exposed to more than their individual eccentricities as the next day was Gaiman’s 51st birthday, an event that Palmer decided to celebrate in style.

After a lengthy and heart-warming set of music, poetry, conversation, and readings, Palmer had her husband blindfolded and placed in a chair. To Gaiman’s complete surprise, Palmer then burst onto the stage in a white glittery dress and in proper burlesque fashion, belted out “Take Back Your Mink” accompanied by a well choreographed Seattle burlesque troupe. This was followed by the special guests of the night coming back onstage to wish Neil a happy birthday. The special guests included Seattle’s own Jason Webley and Jonathan Coulton, who ran over to The Moore after opening for They Might Be Giants the same night at the Showbox SODO.

Their lovey-dovey antics made an already astounding show of talent infinitely endearing. Palmer ended the set by telling the sold-out crowd about her plans to play Occupy Seattle on Saturday and a delightful sequence of encores including her brand spanking new song “The Ukulele Anthem.” Both artists are an incredible delight and when either or both of them travel through town again, be sure to catch them. Look below for more pictures and a few video clips.

Amanda Palmer



Neil Gaiman



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