Phil Ochs Tribute & Benefit Show for Occupy Seattle at Columbia City Theater 11/4

November 1, 2011

That’s What I Want To Hear: Phil Ochs Tribute & Book Drive to Benefit Occupy Seattle @ Columbia City Theater | 11/4 | 9pm | $10 | 21+


Image via Sound On The Sound

Throughout history there have been many events that make people turn to music as an emotional outlet; the current Occupy protests are one of those events. Sound On The Sound alongside Mark Baumgarten (City Arts Magazine) are holding a benefit concert for Occupy Seattle that will feature a tribute concert for Phil Ochs with a variety of local acts performing his songs. Special guests include The Gloria Darlings, Ben Fisher, Sam Watts (Ghosts I’ve Met), Stephen Nielsen, Lukas Williams (Youth Rescue Mission), Ali Marcus, Ben Barnett, Shannon Stephens, and many more all singing timeless Ochs covers.

Phil Ochs was a folk singer/songwriter in the 1960’s and 1970’s that was very topical and political with his lyrics. Varying from topics of being a liberal, war, civil rights, to even human decency Ochs wrote many songs that were sad and mature to the pop music that was out there. Citing various influences as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and even James Dean, it is easy to see where Ochs got his inspiration from. With his acoustic guitar and his vibrato vocals, Ochs charmed many people with his creative and truthful lyrics. His music brought people together during the Vietnam War and protests and his lyrics still ring true today for the Occupy protests and our current war. Ochs has been an inspiration to many during his time and he continues to be an inspiration thirty years after his death.

Please also bring a book that covers economic, political, or social topic that may be donated to the Occupy Seattle library. All proceeds from this show will also benefit Occupy Seattle.

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