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PDX POP NOW 2013: Hausu

July 29, 2013
All photography by Meggyn Pomerleau
Hausu. All photography by Meggyn Pomerleau

Hausu can be described as thoughtful, heavier alternative rock if you consider how much thought goes into their lyrics, song construction and performance as a whole. Having formed around 2010 while members attended college, the band has consistently stepped up their game since the beginning.
It was a bit surreal to see the young dudes swing their instruments around the stage, while being surrounded by the incredibly amount of fog. At times it appeared they were floating, because their bodies were being thrown about so often. The hasty guitar strumming was matched by aggressive drumming. Ben Friars offered severe vocals, which mellowed appropriately during quieter and dramatic times in the songs.
Many songs from their newest release, Total, were performed. “Chrysanthemum” hints at major influences from 90’s post-hardcore.
Genuine alternative rock with heavier mood swings is always appreciated, especially in Portland where the music seems to be recently heading towards the pop route.

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