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Spotlight Olympia IV: The Dream Master

Timothy Grisham / March 27, 2012
Photo Credit: Jean Nagai/Milk Music

The 1983 drag-racing film, Heart Like a Wheel, was filmed in Olympia. If you ask some old timers, they fondly recall having their cars featured on the streets of town and in the film; to them it may have been the height of Olympia’s cultural impact.

But, what was boiling beneath the streets at the time in Olympia’s underground paved the way for the continued musical assault that the sleepy-stately city continues to produce.

Introducing Survival Knife:

Thursday, March 29th marks the return of a beloved Olympia performer; Unwound‘s Justin Trosper will unleash his new group, Survival Knife, at Olympia’s Eagles Hall. The group also features Brandt Sandeno, who also performed in Unwound at various points, as well as the Replikants and Giant Henry with Trosper. The rhythm section is provided by the husband/wife duo of Chris and Meg Cunningham (Chris of Western Hymn and Meg most recently of Blues Druid).

Joining Survival Knife on their inaugural run will be a briefly reformed Bangs, and Portland’s Old Wars featuring Kathy Medonca (former Gossip drummer).

Milk Music to Play Primavera Sound:

On June 1st Milk Music will take the stage at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival.

The show marks the end of the Olympia band’s European tour, which kicks off with Brighton’s (UK) Great

The Hive Dwellers Tour the USA:

With their Treefort Music Festival set kicking off the four day Boise event, Calvin Johnson‘s band of troubadours the Hive Dwellers embark on a six week jaunt around the US. The band will share the stage with fellow K Records group Chain and the Gang, among others. Check out the massive itinerary here.

Bandcamp Top 15 (as of 3/27/12):

1. (position last week 1, weeks on list 4) Christian Mistress — Possession
2. (2, 4) Crumbs — Hallow Tongue
3. (4, 4) Happy Noose — Happy Noose
4. (5, 4) RVIVR — Dirty Water EP
5. (3, 4) Kickball — Everything is a Miracle
6. (6, 4) Teradaktyle — Just the Good Bits
7. (9, 2)Dance Archy – Dance Archy
8. (7, 4) Four Minute Mile — Indian Summer
9. (10, 4) Broken Water — Peripheral Star
10. (New) Camp Wisdom — Many Names, Many Voices
11. (12, 4) Generifus — I Don’t Have to Worry
12. (13, 4) Broken Water — Whet
13. (New) Briana Marela — Water Ocean Lake
14. (14, 4) Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa — Trance Punk 14. Manifestos Vol. III
15. (New) Arrington de Dionyso — Songs of Pyschic Fire Vol. 4

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