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Nude Beach – II

Kat Taylor / August 15, 2012

Score: 8.0/10.0
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Nude Beach

Summer is the best time to try out a Nude Beach, and you need not remove even one sock to enjoy this surf rock re-release. Lively and upbeat, this album sets a sunny mood for playing hooky at the beach or grilling burgers next to the backyard kiddie pool.

With a name and a sound that’s made for splashing in the waves, it’s no surprise the band’s three members got together and started jamming in a waterfront town. However, their scantily clad moniker is a bit of a shock considering they’re from a town on Long Island, New York, where your nipples could freeze and fall off if you dive in too early.

Still, their playful riffs and laid-back (but sincere) overtones would make this album a hit on any coast. The voice talent, song writing, and raw energy quickly shine through, plugging listeners into their shorefront happy place, whether it’s skateboarding on a pier, casually sipping brews at the cantina, or watching the world go by from an umbrella-covered lounge chair.

The timeless tradition of lazy summers is reflected in the band’s ability to skip across decades while maintaining a hip signature sound. “Keep It Cool” and “The Endless Night” are fine tributes to ’50s rock ‘n roll. “Don’t Have to Try” could pass for an ’80s slow dance song. “Walking Down My Street” and “Some Kinda Love” would have been hits on just about any gen-X ’90s movie soundtrack.

The vocals in “Love Can’t Wait” might be proof that we’ve finally found a Tom Petty for the Y generation. In addition, the tone and lyrics sound a lot like what a young Petty would sing: all-American, love-struck, and somehow, not obnoxiously hokey.

Emotion flows through Nude Beach with ease, but the band still rocks hard overall. If this were a parallel universe where the Dead Milkmen did want to be on the beach, this album is the perfect example of what they’d sound like. Raw and honest without sacrificing sound quality, Nude Beach will surely have many bright summers ahead of them.

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