New Video: Janelle Monáe “Tightrope”

Nikki Benson / March 31, 2010

The tease is over, and this video is filthy! I understand why Jonathan Cunningham was so into this female. She’s sweet, juicy, funky. Janelle Monáe takes “Tightrope” back to Motown. Her matching outfits and coordinated dances mimic classic culture, but what is different is  Monáe’s take on gender blending. No sir, she is not rocking a poodle skirt and a string of pearls, rather a tuxedo with a satin bow-tie.  Instead of wearing her hair in a flat ironed bob, Monáe’s hair could have challenged the great Elvis Presley’s. Check out her song and dance–it’s a good one!

3 thoughts on “New Video: Janelle Monáe “Tightrope”

  1. The breakdown and embellishment that hits at the 3 minute mark (and runs til the end of the tune) is *golden*. CLASSY BRASS INDEED. Looks like Janelle’s pullin’ a sophomore STEP-UP with this release. I sense a sweet odor of success :: laced with none a’ that dang slump smell. Lookin’ fwd to hearin’ the LP, J.K.

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