New Video: Iska Dhaaf — “Happiness”

Nikki Benson / November 12, 2013

Iska Dhaaf

Seattle’s Iska Dhaaf just released a mesmerizing, eery video for “Happiness,” the title track off their new EP. The video visualizes the very nature of humanity, specifically, the human quest for happiness. “I’ll be happy if… I’ll be happy when…”  Each scene is like a play, each prop an emblem. Not too obvious, the scenes leave the viewer in the inquiry: “what do you think that means, exactly?”

Starting the scene with Nathan Quiroga sitting on a high stool in an empty room, a proverbial carrot drops, dangles from the sky: a clear liquid in a clear glass wrapped and hanging from a rope. Is the liquid alcohol, or life-giving water? Is the carrot virtue, or vice? The scenes continue to build the story of two men, existing, in want.

Towards the middle, Benjamin Verdoes and Nathan Quiroga sit back to back, arms bound. There’s an unexpected twist that likely challenged the duo’s acting skills–well done.

Watch it, wonder. Don’t try to figure it out. Just be with it:

Iska Dhaaf — “Happiness”

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