New Video: Grieves & Budo’s “Bloody Poetry”

Chul Gugich / May 6, 2011
Photo by Michael Hawkins

It’s fresh to see two cats with strong ties to Seattle blow up something major the way Grieves and Budo are doing. Inking a deal with the best known independent hip-hop label in the country (Rhymesayers) will do that for you. The duo’s next full-length offering is titled Together/Apart and will hit the paved and dirt roads of all this land’s hamlets on June 21.

Check out their new video for the track, “Bloody Poetry,” which might be the best example yet of the crew’s diverse talents. Grieves raps and sings with the confidence of a well-seasoned veteran, which he is quickly becoming. Budo displays the musicianship that has earned him well-documented praise from all manner of listeners ranging from Justin Timberlake to your favorite neighborhood blogger.

The clip keeps it nice and local with direction from Seattle artist Griff J and a cameo from Grynch.


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