New Video: Grieves & Budo “Cloud Man”

Chul Gugich / April 13, 2010

The dynamic hip-hop duo, Grieves and Budo, are both a throwback to an earlier era (when the one DJ/one emcee ethic was the common practice in the music), and a conspicuously new school example of the far-reaching influence of hip-hop culture.  Grieves (rhymes) and Budo (beats), are an archetypal sampling of how the culture has transcended race and class lines.

But I digress. Regardless of the politics, the duo (who both reside in Brooklyn but continue to have strong ties to Seattle) are straight dope, and have been on a whirlwind series of tours and promotional endeavors, all in celebration of the homies’ recent signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment, the proverbial above-ground home of underground hip-hop everywhere.

With a major indie label behind them, opportunities perhaps not previously available have manifested themselves, including a re-release and distribution deal for Grieves and Budo’s 2009 album, 88 Keys and Counting, an international tour with Rhymesayers frontliners Brother Ali and BK One, and now this video for the track “Cloud Man”, which isn’t really a hip-hop song at all, but still perfectly captures the introspective nature of Grieves the artist. The video was conceptualized by Jesse Brown, the artist/director behind the Fleet Foxes’ “Mykonos” video. Take a look below.

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