New Video: Beans – “Blue Movie”

Allen Huang / April 14, 2011

Despite rumors of his career’s untimely demise, the authoritatively oblique rapper Beans of the legendary Anti-Pop Consortium keeps on trucking. To this end, he’s readying his Anticon debut, End It All, and calling on some heavy-hitting friends to do the production work. Four Tet, TOBACCO, Son Lux and even Interpol’s Sam Fog all contribute to this high-octane lyrical blast from one of NYC’s most solid MC’s.

His video for “Blue Movie” is similarly intense. Directed by Jon Leone, the clip is a bizarre cross of the erotic and horrific, a smattering of borderline x-rated imagery juxtaposed with the glitz and glamour of “natural bling” like dazzling geodes and generous piles of pyrite. Caution: the music video may lead to hardened nipples.

Beans will be in town with TOBACCO (whose remix on HEALTH’s DISCO2 I absolutely adore) and Shapers on Friday, the 22nd at Chop Suey. The show is sure to be a night of the most sophisticated swag.

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