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New Music: Lil B – BasedGod Velli

Allen Huang / November 15, 2011

Let’s just go over what Bay Area rapper/internet sensation Lil B has done just in this year, shall we?

Angels Exodus
B**** Mob: Respect Da B****: Vol 1
I’m Gay (I’m Happy)
I Forgive You
Red Flame “Devil Music Edition”
Black Flame
The Silent President
Illusions of Grandeur

And now his ode to Tupac, BasedGod Velli. On first listen, this mixtape is better than I Forgive You and more consistent than B**** Mob, but still not quite reaching the sublime heights of I’m Gay or The Silent President.

Check out one of the songs of this new mixtape, his public service announcement regarding sexually transmitted diseases  titled “I Got Aids”.

Lil B – BasedGod Velli (

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