New Music From Elba

Joe Pignatiello / August 26, 2011
Elba Album Cover

Elba is an indie-rock band from Seattle who will be releasing their self titled album in September. Their previous release, Diplodocus was well received by KEXP and 107.7’s Demo of the Week. Their first song to leak off of their upcoming self titled is called, “Statues and Shipyards.” It’s a melancholy indie rock song with a good vocal melody that follows a catchy guitar riff. Sometimes a band will release their best song off of their album, and when the rest comes out you’ve already heard the best of it. This isn’t the case with this MP3 thankfully. Downloading “Statues and Shipyards,” will drag you onto Bandcamp and Myspace searching for more tracks from Elba.

Elba – “Statues and Shipyards”

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