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New Music from COYOL: “A Beast”

Ben Tully / June 7, 2011
Promotional Image via Coyol

COYOL is a duo that leaves the listener with his/her head cocked to one side. You think you know what to expect after the opening of each song but after it’s all through, you’re not really sure what happened. Songwriters Céleigh Chapman and John Isaac Watters are folk singers I suppose, but there’s more than a touch of strangeness swimming through their music, particularly through the contributions of Watters, who considers himself more of an avant-garde visual artist than a musician. Chapman and Watters are releasing their debut EP one song at a time, with “A Beast” being the third installment. The acoustic number features both of the unique voices of the group members as it tells the cliche tale of lost love in a not so cliche way.

MP3: COYOL – A Beast

You should also watch the video below for two reasons: A) it’s a sweet song and B) these people are beautiful.


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