New Craft Spells Music Video “Party Talk”

Bebe Besch / October 26, 2011
Photo by Johanne Fick for 'Sup Magazine

If you haven’t heard of Craft Spells yet, consider them a high priority on your music-to-watch list. The dreamy band, formed in Seattle, is made up of four talented fellows who are quietly raising respect among many with their handsome tunes. Only weeks ago the quartet released an eerie music video for their song “Your Tomb,” which is the first that the band themselves have starred in. Yesterday, Craft Spells released a new video on Impose, which, similar to their previous music videos, is absent of the groups’ faces. This is because the band stumbled upon a gorgeous fan-made video for their song “Party Talk” featuring strange and enchanting cinematography, and decided it was good enough to release as the official video. The video was originally posted on by Bianca S. Arroyo-Kreimes, with the caption, “Just some footage that was shot in one day. I’m not very good at using my camera yet/haven’t figured out how to save my videos in HD so bare with meeeeeeee!” Well, Craft Spells thought highly of the delightful creation, and we do too! Check out the shimmering song and video below!


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