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Gabriel Arguelles / March 2, 2011

Michael Showalter, Kevin Hyder @ The Triple Door | 03/08 | 8pm | $13.50 adv $15 DOS

Michael Showalter via Official Facebook

Michael Showalter is so much more than just Doug (“I’m out of heeeere”) from The State. Really. But let’s talk about The State for a minute anyway– the legendary MTV sketch comedy show kick-started the careers of some of the great comic minds of our time. Grandiose, I know, but also true. The State is on Netflix instant viewing now and is absolutely begging to be watched. They also released a very funny long lost comedy album in 2010.

Michael Showalter’s been busy since the days of The State– he and Michael Ian Black created and starred in Michael and Michael have Issues, a short-lived but quite awesome show on Comedy Central. He has also made the Michael Showalter Showalter, an internet comedy interview show that has featured guests like Michael Cera, Mike Birbiglia, and Andy Samberg.

Most recently, Showalter followed in the footsteps of many of the comedy greats and released his first book, Mr. Funny Pants. Mr. Funny Pants is a comic memoir that satirizes what it means to write a book  step by step from conception to the anticipated critical reception of the book. It is a strange and funny look into the mind of a clueless writer with more than a little confidence in his own work. He read a chapter for Vanity Fair’s often brilliant, always illuminating Writer’s Reading podcast, and that can be listened to here. Those of us who listen to that podcast regularly are grateful to Mr. Showalter for the break from all of the tragedy and sadness that is often read about on that show.

March 8th will find Showalter doing readings and stand-up comedy at our city’s classiest joint: The Triple Door. Be there if you enjoy laughter.

For your chance to win tickets to this event, e-mail with the phrase “Funnypants at The Triple Door 03/08” in the subject line. Include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner.

Michael Showalter & Neko Case @ Barnes & Noble from Alison Grasso on Vimeo.

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