The Mighty World of MountainHouse TV

Timothy Grisham / November 18, 2016
Showcast Courtesy of: MountainHouse TV
Showcast Courtesy of: MountainHouse TV

Born out of a desire to showcase underrepresented artists, Tacoma’s MountainHouse TV has been producing some of the best video content in the pacific northwest on a regular basis.

MountainHouse TV’s story is an incremental story if you will; born out the simply capturing the bands recording at MountainHouse Studio – which is in turn born out a collaboration with long time Tacoma institution Sound West, MountainHouse TV was created to shed light on artist and bands NW music scene not getting enough attention.

The small crew at MountainHouse TV aims to give people a taste of what its like to see a good show, meet cool musicians and really experience the NW scene. Through attending many shows, and gathering solicitations MountainHouse TV have compiled a group of artists that we want to help support. That was when they had the idea to host in-studio performances to showcase what the NW scene has to offer.

Dubbed “The Cave Sessions”, MountHouse launched into the online media market. They now have several recurring shows, the weekly Showcast, Rigs, Lectro Lab, A Reel Take and more have all become staples of the channel along with the aforementioned Cave Sessions.

We invite you to explore the mighty world of MountainHouse TV now!

The Cave Sessions Sloucher

Rigs Dark Palms


Lectro Lab Torbjorn

A Reel Take Colin Scott

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