Hot! MFNW 2013: Black Bananas at Dante’s

Posted by on September 6th, 2013 at 6:07 PM

Jennifer Herrema of Black Bananas

Jennifer Herrema of Black Bananas. All photography by Aaron Sharpsteen.

After Summer Cannibals put on a straightforward, no bullshit show, Black Bananas came on and proceeded to give the crowd nothing but.

Black Bananas.

Black Bananas.

Of course educated readers might be thinking, “Now wait a minute there. Don’t you know who Jennifer Herrema is? She helped found Drag City Records and Domino Records! She used to be in Royal Trux! She’s rumored to be the inspiration for the “heroin chic” look that Calvin Klein was going for!” To that I say, yes, I can read Wikipedia as well, and I don’t give two hoots. On Tuesday night she was a pretty sloppy drunken mess, as apparently she had lapsed into “getting fucked up mode” again [her words, from another interview].

Black Bananas.

Black Bananas.

The fairest way to describe Black Bananas set on Tuesday seems to be to imagine your most awkward and chemically dependent relative recruiting a laptop beat maker and a guitarist to turn up their music super loud so she can sing incoherently over it and occasionally babble nonsense in between. The juxtaposition between Black Bananas and Summer Cannibals was jarring, and at the end of the set I didn’t know if I should have felt sad about seeing a very public display of someone’s obvious personal demons or if I should have been kind of annoyed by the proceedings. I still haven’t made up my mind.


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  1. Where did my comment go? Black bananas ruled !

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