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Mark Sultan Releases Free Album, New Video, and more

Dustin Verburg / October 24, 2011

Pioneering Canadian multi-instrumentalist and all around rock ‘n’ roll dude Mark Sultan is a busy man. With the release of Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want, Sultan’s pumping out covers of The Stains and Ultravox, as well as collaborating with members of Black Lips and The Gories. A CD entitled Whatever/Whenever will contain 14 of the 26 songs from the two LPs, and is set for release on October 25th. Two records, a CD and a one man band is already a mighty undertaking, but Sultan’s restless spirit won’t let him rest even on that admirable amount of work.

He’s also offering a free album called The War on Rock’n’Roll, which is available here. This album was recorded live and in one take on one night in Sao Paulo. Why the name, though? Why would a man whose mortal soul burns with the very essence of rock music want to wage war on it? Sultan offered the answer on his website, “For a few years now, I have come to a conclusion regarding the music that I have loved forever: Rock’n’Roll MUST be destroyed. Killed, in order to preserve it and its spirit… I believe that the only way to protect its soul is to destroy it, in the hopes that the future generations will wash it off and resurrect/resuscitate it, relisten/revisit and let it flourish again.”

If those words of wisdom, a free album, two LPs and a CD aren’t enough, check out the new music video for “In Future Worlds” below.


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