Marc Broussard at Showbox at the Market

Julie Grebenau / June 25, 2011

Marc Broussard @ Showbox at the Market| 6/25| $18 (Get Tickets)| 8 PM| All Ages

Photo Courtesy of Marc Broussard

Marc Broussard has the personality of a sweet and lovable class clown, but when he sings, you hear the voice of an old man who’s been through war. His range is wide; most of his songs focus on the higher end, but in songs like “Home,” where he goes into the beautiful gravel of his bass range, it is impossible not to love whatever he’s singing. His voice is a mix of grit, smoothness, and soul.

Broussard has coined the term ‘Bayou Soul’ to describe the distinct style that he creates by combining funk, blues, R&B, rock, and pop with his southern roots (Broussard hails from Louisiana). While it definitely attracts an R&B fanbase, Broussard’s sound draws in a wider audience, with most of his songs bringing in refreshing drum beats (like the primal groove on “Home” or the steady push on “Try Me”).

In addition to being a unique and talented singer, Broussard is also a charitable person. He started the Momentary Setback Fund, named after the title of his first release. All the money that goes to the fund is given directly to The Capital Area United Way, which supports Louisiana residents still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Closer to the actual event, Broussard was selling bracelets to directly support the fund.

Broussard comes to The Showbox on Saturday in support of his latest self-titled release, which highlights his honest songwriting and soulful wide-range vocals.

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