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Johannah Juarez / November 18, 2013

Lupe Fiasco, Stalley and Sadistik @ Showbox SODO | 11/19 | $32.50 (Get Tickets)  | All Ages to Enter, 21 & Over to Drink

Lupe Fiasco: Photo credit - press
Lupe Fiasco: Photo credit – press

Lupe Fiasco is at it again. In the midst of his 32-city Tetsuo and Youth album preview tour, he’ll be stopping by the Showbox SODO with Stalley and Sadistik this Tuesday, November 19. Set to release his 5th full-length album directly following the tour in early 2014, this 31-year-old rapper certainly has come a long way from the days of “Kick, Push.”

Or has he? In his new single, “Old School Love,” Lupe revisits his youth, reflecting on the changes that hip-hop has seen since the 80s and 90s. As the chorus chimes in, “Give me that old school love right now,” he sneaks in “Feeling like my second album’s so cool,” and “Let my mind just sneak back to a better time.” Nostalgic for “The Fighter,” “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” and “Superstar,” his multi-hit second album sure speaks for itself as to why Lupe might reminisce on an earlier time.

Let’s not forget about the success of Food & Liquor from the year prior to The Cool. “Daydreamin’” and “Kick, Push,” launched Lupe into the top 40s.  Food & Liquor peaked at number eight on the top 200 Billboard charts and it earned Lupe Fiasco three Grammy nominations. Since the beginning, Lupe has held his rightfully deserved spot in the limelight with smooth lyrics and catchy rhythms that amount to songs cherished by the world.

Tetsuo and Youth might go back even further. In a recent interview with Houston Radio station 97.9 The Box, Lupe Fiasco mentioned that the new album will be a return to the sound of his pre-Food & Liquor Days.

“On purpose there’s no politics on the record. I feel like I’ve said what I have to say…whether people agree with me or not, I’ve said my part and from here on out I’m just making music.”

No politics, no party album. He’ll be the first to admit that some of the messages might be a bit more serious and emotionally driven.

“It’s ratchet ratchet-ness on there, but it ain’t nothing new for meMy early records before I got known, you know what I’m saying, before Food & Liquor, when I was first coming up… What I was talking about back then was like ratchet, street, hood, ‘let’s do it’ kinda pieces. And it was like I made the decision not to put that on Front Street, initially.”


“I’d rather Skateboard, let’s put some positivity out there first,” Lupe continued. Can you imagine no “Kick, Push” at first?

“Now I’m like, let’s go back to a little bit of that. [Let’s] let people know that there ain’t no games over here.”

If his new single helps shape the rest what we can expect from Tetsuo and Youth, Lupe Fiasco may very well make a full circle back to his roots. A star that got his first record deal at 19 years of age, it sounds like we could all benefit from knowing the style that inspired Lupe to start rapping in the first place. Lupe Fiasco is sure to drop some, if not most of his new beats, Tuesday November 19 at the Showbox SODO. Doors open at 7pm. Get your tickets here.

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