Love Is All

Jason Friendt / April 21, 2010

To See Rating: 7.3/10
Just Curious Rating: 7.0/10

Love Is All is a five-piece band that comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. Even though they have been in the game since 2005 and have released 3 albums, they still have yet to crack the fickle American market. Critically acclaimed by some of the largest music publications since their freshmen album Nine Times That Same Song , this band seems to elude the masses.  I was lucky enough to catch them at the quaint space in Fremont known as the High Dive.

As front woman Josephine Olausson and company took the stage, she made mention of how happy she was to be playing on the west coast, and just like that, they tore into the electric-pop dance song “Bigger Bolder” off the latest release. With a saxophone bellowing, guitars singing and keyboards being assaulted by the palms of Josephine, all while maintaining a lighting speed dance jig, it seemed as though the crowd was certainly being invited to what could truly become a bit of a dance party. The next song “Talk Talk Talk” was a stepping stone of energy on the stage. With Josephine playing the cowbell and terrorizing the cymbals, bassist Johan Lindwall grabbed drumsticks and went lick for lick with drummer Markus Gorsch for a 30-second head to head drum off which continued to build the energy of their set and grab everyone’s attention.

Little more than midway through the set, guitarist Nicholaus Sparding broke a guitar string and saxophonist Fredrick Erikkson took it upon himself to entertain the crowd by playing a few notes from a theme song, which people belted out a few wrong answers, and then finally it was revealed that ALF was the winner. Silly little things like that seemed to win the crowd over. Love Is All were back in full swing turning the audience into a mini-mass of head bopping and a beer in hand dance fest.

After the energetic 11 song set … the band thanked everyone and left the stage, but the crowd was still in need of more  energetic  pop- punk. Not to be disappointed, the band came out and served up one more giant heaping of what the crowd wanted, by playing the song “Spinning and Scratching.” After satisfying the crowd’s thirst, the band again bid adieu. Once again, a relatively obscure band has rolled through town, and given a performance that sometimes overshadows some of the best names in the industry. This band doesn’t rest on their laurels, and they’re not letting the critical disregard  get to them. They come to town and give it all they got, and the crowd loves it!

Please enjoy a couple clips from the show:

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