Hot! Jeni Wren at Secret Society

Posted by on September 22nd, 2013 at 2:49 PM

Jeni Wren. All photography by Colette Pomerleau.

Jeni Wren. All photography by Colette Pomerleau. Photo magic assistance by Akila Fields.

Jeni Wren performed at the charming cocktail bar, Secret Society, to launch her album release for Northstar. The amount of passion and dedication that went into it all was obvious to notice, even with just the first song. Those who accompanied her onstage shared a common bond, a shared love for passionate pop music.
Having lent her strong and disarming voice to support other local act, Shy Girls, this gives the singer-songwriter an amazing chance to actually put her talents on display-front and center. The extensive live band performed through her Northstar EP and performed some covers. The wave of musicians who entered and left the stage on queue, given by Wren, was a show within itself. There was a sense of eagerness for all of them to contribute their piece to the entire workings of each song.
The title track, “North Star”, alienated itself to be the primo song performed from the EP. With her wingman Akila Fields on keys, the two slowly moved through, flirting with a build up. Minimal and soulful compositions gave off the impression to be Wren’s comfort zone.
There is something intensly satisfying about watching a performer relinquish all of their energy and throw their heart into what they are currently doing. Wren was a prime example of such a performance. Her effusiveness is her endearing trademark, as it definitely was the highlight of the night.
Luckily for those who missed this night, Wren announced a fairly regular schedule performing at this spot. Catch her in the future at Secret Society or on October 4th with Houses.

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