Eleanor Friedberger and TEEN at Doug Fir Lounge

Colette Pomerleau / June 18, 2013
Eleanor Friedberger. Photo by Meggyn Pomerleau)
Eleanor Friedberger. All photography unless noted by Meggyn Pomerleau)

The best things about Eleanor Friedberger cannot be vocalized. Her stage presence is authentic and her personality is shown through her live performances. For such a down-to-earth lady, she has a ridiculous amount of talent. Many are grateful for her decision to make two solo albums in the past two years. Fans of the Fiery Furnaces get to see the more private side. Borrowing a significant amount of influence from 70’s classic rock, her songs gave off total ease. Both albums, Last Summer and Personal Record were given equal amount of attention on the setlist. The older songs were given a slight transformation. “I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight” and “Roosevelt Island” seemed to have a wildness to them that was not exhibited on the recordings or in past live performances. “Inn of the Seventh Ray” has never sounded better, as every note and lyric heard shook the spine. She performed all of the catchy tunes that are impossible to dislike. She played the slightly uncomfortable, private and slower songs that everyone is able to relate to-lyric wise. She played one song alone, and called an audience member out who happened to be louder than her. She ran off stage into the darkness and through the crowd during her last song, while everyone else continued to dance. Kudos to you, Eleanor. You always keep it real.

TEEN. Photo by Colette Pomerleau.
TEEN. Photo by Colette Pomerleau.

Those unfamiliar with shows at the Doug Fir would not be aware of the trend involving the crowd rushing in soon after the headliner enters the stage. This could very well be true for other venues, but it has been a noticeable trend in this underground haunt.
It was a shame that many missed the opening performance from Brooklyn-based TEEN. The band featured three sisters and a friend who has obviously become close enough to bare the same title. They opened with their fiery and rapturous song, “Electric”. The ladies are fans of keeping a constant haze of noise. The vocals were strong and captivating, demonstrating a wide range. Though the music was enjoyable, the ladies seemed preoccupied with each other. Frequently, the lead singer had her back to the audience and they all were giggling to themselves. Hopefully the next time they are in town, both audience and band will be able to give off more energy than what was presented here.
Doug Fir offered a night jam-packed with amazing and unique talent. It will be interesting to watch where these artists are headed in the future.

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