Live Review: Com Truise Indulges a Sold-Out Berlin Crowd with 80’s Nostalgia

Colette Pomerleau / November 15, 2017
Still from “Propagation”. Cinematographer: Zoë White

LA-based synth angel Com Truise performed to a sold out crowd in Berlin November 1st.

The American art director-turned electronic musician’s heavy 80’s influence swept over the former factory club space. Rows and rows of humans, with eyes open and eyes closed, were jolting to the nostalgic synth work. Iteration is Com Truise’s latest full length release which spotlights his trademarks: neon-streaked melodies, dramatic percussion, robotic grooves, but most of all, the nostalgia.

Old favorites were not forgotten. “Brokendate” cut through newer singles and transported the crowd into a vapourous universe. To get a feel for where we were all at, stream Iteration via Bandcamp below.

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