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Listen to Cut Copy’s New Single “Take Me Over”

Tiffany Wan / December 2, 2010
Image by Leo Cackett

Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours was an album I discovered six months too late. Released in April of 2008, it reached far beyond the Australian trio’s first album four years prior (Bright Like Neon Love, a passably good record in itself) to make one of the most distinctive dance albums of the year. It was a near-perfect union of electronic music and rock that to this day is still one of the few albums I will dance  to without fail.

It comes as no surprise that I’m not the only one awaiting Cut Copy’s newest material with bated breath. Thankfully it didn’t take them another four years to release “Take Me Over,” the band’s latest single off the forthcoming album Zonoscope. It’s a synth-heavy jam that has already drawn comparisons to Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” and, dare I say it, Men At Work’s “Down Under”. That last one is definitely a cheap shot, but despite the ease at placing Cut Copy’s influences the song still carries the hallmarks of their best songs: playfully constructed guitar and bass riffs at the song’s foundation, a solid buildup before the big chorus, a great bridge interlude, and swoon-worthy vocals.

With Zonoscope set for American release on February 8th, Cut Copy is slated to play five dates of the Australian leg of the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival before embarking on a month of European shows in March. We’ll keep you posted if any tour dates in this neck of the woods pop up.

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