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Listen: The Cannanes — “Crawler”

March 6, 2013
Photo Courtesy of: The Cannanes
Photo Courtesy of: Lance Hillier

The Cannanes, an 80’s indie band hailing from Sydney, Australia, are back with a new EP, Small Batch; to celebrate they have released a stream of the song, “Crawler”.

The Cannanes are releasing a followup nod to their hit 1987 single, “We Drink Bitter”, which was penned by Calvin Johnson of K Records and Beat Happening fame.  The followup, “Crawler”, is the band’s first new release in 11 years.

The Cannanes consists of members Fran Gibson and Stephen O’Neil.  The two have been performing together for over 27 years, The band collaborated with Explosion Robinson producer Stephen Hermann again for their Small Batch EP.  The album is launching on March 19.

Listen to “Crawler” below:

“Crawler” lyrics:

Let’s break bottles
Let’s jump off chairs
I’ll do that much
To show I care
And no, I won’t say it again
There’s no good reason why this shouldn’t end

And things keep happening that can’t be true
Does what you say make sense to you?

And I know you want to be alone
These fragile words stand on their own
And here’s that rain we’ve been waiting for
Is there love in the sound of a closing door.

And things keep happening that can’t be true
Does any of this make sense to you?

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