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Listen: Passion Pit – “I’ll Be Alright”

Andrew Ryan Cassin / June 25, 2012
Photo by Jason Nocito

“Can you remember ever having any fun?” – Singer Michael Angelakos’ lament to time wasted and opportunity missed is the lynchpin of “I’ll Be Alright,” the second song Passion Pit has shared from their forthcoming Gossamer. Angelakos’ tale is one of a couple growing restless and falling out of love, but remaining relentlessly optimistic and hopeful for their individual futures. It’s a story he knows well, after losing the girlfriend who inspired the songs that started the band, keeping her as a close friend, and now moving on to marry someone new.

Musically, “I’ll Be Alright” harkens back to Passion Pit’s breakout single, “Sleepyhead,” bearing the same pitch-shifted vocal samples and fluttering synthesizers. This time though, the tempo and energy are kicked up – a ton! The song bobbles back and forth from an erupting anthem for those growing up to an outright rave. Who knew getting older and having your heartbroken could be so much fun?

Gossamer is out July 24on Columbia. Listen to “I’ll Be Alright” below, via Passion Pit’s SoundCloud.

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