Listen: OOFJ – “I Forgive You”

Androo Meyers / January 29, 2015


The dynamic male/female electronic duo has become a highly populated landscape that is becoming increasingly greyscale. While the duo of Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer fit the demographic, OOFJ‘s pension for cinematic tension sets them apart as unique trees in the woods. The sweeping, at times dissonant strings set amidst Mills-Rymer’s vocals give their new single “I Forgive You” a noir quality that would fit well amidst a plot of betrayal and intrigue. As the pulsing of 808’s begin to intrude the concert hall, the song only heightens to something undefinable until it feels like it falls apart. It’s a hauntingly appropriate soundtrack to your next sexual indiscretion. You’ll find “I Forgive You” on the duo’s forthcoming album Acute Feast out April 24th via Ring The Alarm.

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