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Listen: Corespondents – “Face Cancellation”

Ryan Carr / April 1, 2013
Photo taken from Corespondents' Facebook page.
Photo taken from Corespondents’ Facebook page.

Long-running Seattle instrumental group Corespondents have taken an elaborate approach to the traditional western swing music, mixing it up with eastern instrumentation, electric surf guitars, and intricate drumming. Corespondents’ single, “Face Cancellation,” off of their newest LP Land of the Low People, showcases how interesting and varied this group really is. The lead line on the song is a Vietnamese instrument, a dan-bao. The rest of the song is brightly spooky affair, equally psychedelic and foreboding. The entire album heads off into strange, unexpected directions – incorporating as much influence from Bollywood music as they do with math rock. Since their inception in 2003, Corespondents have occasionally served as a backing band to some of Seattle’s best current musicians such as Shana Cleveland and Cock & Swan.

To celebrate the release of Land of the Low People, Corespondents are playing back-to-back shows at the Josephine. On April 12th Corespondents will be playing with Diminished Men and Ben Von Wildenhaus of Federation X and Prom Queen. April 13th will be with Eurodancepartyusasupercool (including members of Orkestar Zirconium and Nu Klezmar Army) and Prawnyxx.

Listen to Corespondents’ latest single, “Face Cancellation” below:

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