Light Rail/Dark Rail, 1,2,3!

Julie Grebenau / February 24, 2011

Prawnyxx, Jordan O’Jordan, Led to Sea, Ya Ho Wa 33, Rob Walmart, and more at International District Light Rail Station/Radar Hair + Records| 3/5| Light Rail Fare/$8-$20| 5:30 PM| All Ages

You may have walked onto the light rail and noticed a slew of people without pants this past January.  This March, another not-to-be-missed light rail event will be happening, courtesy of your local eclectic/found sound/NW Proud online radio station, Hollow Earth Radio.

On March 5th, at 5:30 pm, Prawnyxx will stop everyday travelers and Magma Festival attendees alike in their tracks with their drums, sax, and megaphone rock at the International District Light Rail Station.  If you know what’s good for you musically, you should get there at 5:30 on the dot, but you could probably get away with getting to the station a few minutes before 6, which begins the journey to SeaTac Airport with Jordan O’Jordan (local Andrew Bird-like troubadour with a banjo) acting as a tour guide in a musical kind of way.

Everyone gets off at SeaTac and then boards a train made up of 2 cars heading Northbound.  One car will be the ‘light rail’, and one will be the ‘dark rail’, but no one will know which they are in until the train departs.  You may be serenaded with Toy Boats (a quartet of musicians who play toy instruments), The Beaconettes (an A Capella group from Beacon Hill), or a variety of dark noise groups (Forrest Friends, Walrus Machine).  Cross your fingers that you end up on the train with Led to Sea (talented violinist/songwriter who was a perfect match for Laura Veirs’ recent European tour).

The music stops at the SODO station, where an after-party will be held at Radar Hair + Records for some beautifully noisy music, courtesy of Ya Ho Wa 33, Rob Walmart (who will play out of an ice cream truck, yes, inside the venue), Sugar Skulls, and more.  Whether there’s ice cream available at the show or not, the after party is definitely recommended, but the light rail show itself is a unique experience you’ll kick yourself for missing.  Do yourself a favor and be a part of this historical Seattle experience.

Extra Disclaimer/info:  Don’t forget to pay your fare on the light rail.  Any Orca Pass holders should tap on/tap off to avoid a fine. There is no extra admission fee on the train.  The show at Radar Hair + Records is sliding scale, $8-$20.

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