The Last JK POP Night EVER!

Nikki Benson / September 9, 2014

JK POP_PosterWe’re sad to hear that Seattle’s monthly JK POP Night is going to be coming to a close with its final show on September 11, 2014 at Barboza.

SSG Music’s beloved Album Review Editor, Allen Huang, is out and about creating music nights with his cohorts in different burrows of Seattle’s music scene. He has his own City Hunter DJ night, is a founding member of Customs, previously known as Dial Up, and a founding member of Seattle’s first (and only?) Japanese and Korean pop themed DJ Night. Through these various DJ projects, he has made this a face Seattle proper has come to know and love:

Allen Huang
Allen Huang

I mean, come on, is that not one of the cutest faces in the world? Wooshywooshywoooooo!

Allen, though fantastic, didn’t do this alone. Here is what he had to say about it in a Facebook post:

Almost 3 years ago, I met Reese Umbaugh at a show, who introduced himself as “Do you like Perfume? Let’s throw a party.”

We went from the tiny Alibi Room space to the bright lights of BARBOZA in less than 6 months.

We brought out old friends, made new friends, and fostered a rad community of people who loved a really particular and fun set of tunes.

Now, I help run 2 incredible nights, Reese is a big boy baby daddy and many of our friends are scattered to the ends of the earth. Time is scarce, and we’ve grown so much, it’s time to call it a party.

September 11th will mark the very last JK POP. It’s been an amazing run, and while me and Reese aren’t going away, we won’t be throwing anymore parties unless given an abhorrent amount of cash (read: some scratch tickets and a fruit plate)

This is the last JK POP ever, homies. I hope to see you there.

Be there for the final JK POP! For realz. Hug everyone. Soak it in.

For posterity, I’ll leave you with the only JK Pop song I’ve ever requested:–aE

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