Kim Kardashian Releases A. . .Single?

Bertie Magit / March 2, 2011


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … or is it?

In our society, there are people who are famous for no apparent reason.  Paris Hilton may be the queen of being famous for being famous but there are others.  The woman of focus today is Kim Kardashian.  Like Paris, she came onto our radar with the “leak” of a sex tape.  From this, she and her family were awarded with the television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians produced by Ryan Seacrest. While Ryan is not hosting American Idol or producing gems like Kim’s show, he is in the KISS FM station hosting his radio show.  It is only natural then Kim would debut her single “Jam (Turn it up)” on his show the morning of March 2nd.  Yes, you read that correctly, Kim Kardashian is now a singer and like the song by Paris Hilton, it is a song focused on electronic beats and in studio effects to make it … audible.

Surprisingly it is not her vocals that I want to call attention to.  At the beginning of the song there is a distinct pattern of vocal notes, clearly not Kim, which sounded more than a little familiar.  Less than an hour before I heard this song I was listening to a lecture about music remixes and what should be considered a rip-off.  Curiously the songs called into question were Madonna’s “Sanctuary,” Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man,” and a field recording by Simha Arom of Ba-Benzele pygmies which are comprised of the same elements as Kim’s song “Jam (Turn it up).”  The videos are below in the order of which they were recorded, so decide for yourself if the similarities are coincidental.  After listening to the song over and over I hope for Kim’s estate that the person who arranged the song realized this beforehand and bought the rights to the song, otherwise she may need more than a few spinoffs to pay for this lawsuit.  I have no idea why Kim Kardashian became a relevant incorporation of my day, and I don’t think I ever will.

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