Justin Bieber Slowed Down Sounds Like Sigur Ros

Daniel Ahrendt / August 18, 2010

A slowed down this sounds like a normal speed that? Whoa.

So there’s this video going around of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” slowed down “800%”. If you haven’t heard it yet here you go.

People seem to be amazed at how lovely it sounds at this speed and have been likening it to Sigur Ros. Since this video is now viral and all that maybe Bieber will consciously change his sound to target all the epic ambient fans.

Actually, would that even be incredibly surprising if that actually happened in a year or so? Memes seem to be gaining enough power to affect things like this. After all, the kid is were he is now because he was a meme. While it sounds ridiculous and it most likely won’t occur in this case, Bon Iver and Kanye West are collaborating on a project. Which one of those scenarios is weirder?

Also, if anyone was wondering, Boing Boing has concluded that Sigur Ros sped up does not sound like Justin Bieber.

With that furious debate finally put to rest, lets move on to the next lively topic. Which of course is…DOES M.I.A BACKWARD SOUND LIKE LIGHTING BOLT?!?

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